San Diego Pavement Striping Marking

West Coast Asphalt offers complete striping and marking services for asphalt or concrete. We strip and mark parking lots, roads, and specialty markings such as handicap parking. Our premium striping and marking services are the best in San Diego. We take great pride in our straight, defined, and long-lasting striping lines.

Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping is one of the many services we offer to give our clients a complete paving package. We strip and mark asphalt or concrete parking lots with high quality long lasting lines that will make your parking lot look great. With no shortage of experience in San Diego, West Coast Asphalt has the skill and knowledge to stripe any size parking lot. We stripe parking stalls, handicap stalls, crosswalks, stop intersections, and more.

Road Marking

West Coast Asphalt can fulfill road markings for private and public roads. We stripe and mark single white lines, dashed white lines, single yellow lines, double yellow lines, crosswalks, railway crossings, bicycle lanes, and much more. West Coast Asphalt has been serving the San Diego region with striping and marking services with high quality lines that people have grown to expect.

Handicap Parking Striping

West Coast Asphalt Inc Handicap Striping

West Coast Asphalt is a leader in San Diego when it comes to striping and marking handicap parking stalls. We cover every aspect of the handicap stall, from start to finish we take care of it all. Our striping practices are completely ADA Standard’s compliant. We will help you understand the requirements, and make sure your parking stalls are up to the current standard. West Coast Asphalt has striped thousands of handicap stalls in San Diego, and we take pride in every single one.

Bicycle Lane Striping

Bicycle lane striping has increased in demand over the years. West Coast Asphalt has risen to meet that demand. We are proud of the bicycle culture in San Diego, and look forward to an opportunity to promote safety with our high quality bicycle lane striping.